Tue March 19, 2019

About Us

Mr. Jeyasingh Bennett and Mrs. Geetha Bennett have consecrated their lives for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their ministry was started without a banner/name/magazine in a humble way in their home , 36/91 Beach Homes avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai 600 090 in the year 1984. The house was opened for Gospel meetings, Anointing Sessions and Fasting Prayers.

This humble ministry enabled many traditional Christians to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, to receive the holy anointing with the joy of speaking in tongues and with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to rise up for God to do His will in many parts of the world.

This ministry also enabled many not knowing Jesus Christ, who normally do not go to churches to come and be delivered from the bondages and be saved.

God enabled this couple to reach several cities, towns and villages in India and God has taken them to several countries to conduct crusades, church conventions, family conferences, Anointing Sessions, Retreats, Fasting Prayers, Healing services and used them mightily for changing the lives of people and to live for God consistently.

They feel very much privileged when God chose them as instruments to narrate His Eternal Word and to bring out the Holy Bible in audio MP3 and audio DVD format for the first time in Tamil. They consider it as the fruit for their continuous labour in His Vineyard.

God enabled them to bring out Daily Devotions as a book for the whole year as well as in audio MP3. Psalms and Proverbs in Hindi was brought out in MP3 format with the help of their younger daughter-in-law, Mrs Pauline Abraham.


Mrs. Geetha Bennett preferred to be a home maker, is a prayer warrior, brought her husband and children in the knowledge of Christ. She involves in the glorious ministry with her husband who ministers in various prayer meeting and conventions besides spending lot of time in prayer and doing ministry to all who come for prayer and to all who call them by phone at any point of time.

Mr. Jeyasingh Bennett, after serving for more than 40 years in secular jobs is retired as Dy. General Manager (Corporate Planning) from Madras Fertilizers Limited in Dec2001. During his secular occupations, he served the Lord spending hours together on counselling and preaching the good news with his dear wife.