Wed April 24, 2019

Daily Manna

Daily Manna - Apr24


“Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out.”(Deu.28:6)

Chapter 28 of Deuteronomy is a portion of the Bible that we must heed carefully. If we obey the voice of the Lord truly that we may observe carefully all His commandments, all these blessings shall come upon us and overtake us. It is also said, if we do not heed to the voice of the Lord, all these curses will come upon us and overtake us. Therefore, when we read and meditate the Bible, let us heed to His still small voice, obey Him and inherit the blessings.

This verse grants us the seven types of blessings that were given to Abraham (Gen.12:2,3). Abraham obeyed the voice of the Lord and went to the place that God had told him, even without knowing about the place to which he should go. Let us learn to obey like a child. Abraham was blessed. He is still a blessing to many. Even now, the children of God who die after experiencing sufferings, harms and pains in this world are comforted at the bosom of Abraham in heaven (Luk.16:23,25).

My dearly beloved! The Lord will take and use you by comforting you, in the work of strengthening many and in the ministry of comforting many. Do not worry. In the places wherever you go will be health, wherever you come will be peace and wherever you inhabit will be a small heaven.

Prayer: O Lord! Speak with me everyday that I may inherit the blessings of this verse. I will hear and obey. Amen!