Mon June 18, 2018

Daily Manna

Daily Manna - Jun18


“I will surely deliver you.” (Jer.39:18)

The land of Israel had been besieged by the Babylonians. The word of the Lord came to Ebed-Melech, the Ethiopian through Jeremiah. The Lord had said, “Harm and sword are coming to the land. Your eyes shall see that harm, but I will deliver you in that day and you shall not be given into the hand of the men of whom you are afraid. For I will surely deliver you, and you shall not fall by the sword; but your life shall be as a prize to you.” Yes, when you put your trust in the Lord, He will surely deliver you. ‘Ebed-Melech’ means servant of the king.’ Yes, he had been working in the king’s palace as a leader and chief for many. Though he was an Ethiopian, a foreigner, he had put his trust in the Lord. When we love God really, we will surely shun evil. The kings of Judah did not believe the words of Jeremiah as the word of the Lord and hated him. They put him in a miry dungeon. Ebed-Melech, who feared God and shunned evil heard about this, went out to the king, who was sitting at the gate of Benjamin and interceded, “My lord the king, these men have done evil in all that they have done to Jeremiah the prophet, whom they have cast into the dungeon,” and as per the command of the king, took thirty men with him, with much of his love, with his merciful character, let the old clothes and old rags through ropes down into the dungeon, asked Jeremiah to put those old clothes and rags under his armpits and he lifted Jeremiah without any injury or pain. The Lord Who had seen this work, delivered Ebed-Melelch when He delivered Jeremiah. Hallelujah!

Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. Deliver and you shall be delivered. Forgive and you shall be forgiven.

Prayer:O Lord! Give me a merciful character. Deliver me. Amen!