Tue February 19, 2019

Daily Manna

Daily Manna - Mar1


“As in the days when you came out of the land of Egypt, I will show them wonders.”(Mic.7:15)

Beloved! The wonder that happened when the people of Israel started from the land of Egypt is seen in Exo.12:35,36. The Israelites asked from the Egyptians articles of silver, articles of gold, and clothing. They granted them what they requested. God had told about this to Abraham earlier (Gen.15:14).

Once a couple came with their child to our house. When we prayed for them, we blessed them saying, “I will show you wonders.” As soon as they went to their town, he became jobless. Worried much, he told his wife, the man of God prayed saying, “I will show you wonders”, now I am jobless. But what happened? Within a few days, he was called for a work in the nation of Africa. He went and worked there for one year, learned many things and came back home. He started a business in the southern district. The Lord has been performing wonders after wonders. Whatever he touches changes into gold. The Bible says, “Whatever he does shall prosper.” On the letterhead, labels and the things that relate to his business is written, “I will show you wonders.” When you start leaving your old life, the Lord will show you wonders. Cling on to the Lord.

Prayer: O God! Your name is wonderful. Therefore, doing wonders is an easy task for you. Bless us. Amen!



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