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Jeba Veedu Ministries

Jeba Veedu Ministries

Devanallur, Tirunelveli Dist

After ministering quietly for about 20 years in 2004, we were looking for a spacious place for a Retreat center in and around Chennai. God led us to a sleepy village Devanallur down south in Tirunelveli District.

It is only about 30 kms drive from Palayamkottai.There are several roads to reach Jeba veedu in Devanallur. From Palayamkottai-Kanyakumari highway, branch road to west either at Panangulam or at Nanguneri will lead to Devanallur. Or from Palayamkottai -Ambasamudram State highway, branch road to south at Tharuvai or Pranjery or Melacheval will lead to Devanallur. All roads are good, black topped and motorable.

It was in the year 2004, after the paper formalities were done we were returning home. It all looked like a dream and we could not believe! How it happened!! The bible verse prompted us which says "Because the Lord thy God brought it to me (Gen 27:20). It was a barren and dry Place. We tried to find a water source with a well known Geologist and water Diviner. He came with so many Instruments and proved that there was no water present either in the surface or in the underground. So we left all our efforts and were waiting till 2006. Because a divine plan and purpose was there, the lord prompted us to try for water again. We put Borewells in the exact places where our Lord showed us. He provided with enough water. Praise the Lord!

Gospel has not reached to several villages even in Tamilnadu and Devanallur is one of them. Still there is no Church. In 2009 God made it possible to have a Gospel outreach, from our prayer center, and about 30 villages in and around Devanallur, were reached with the help of Christ Church, Palayamkottai.

The Lord our God constrained us to construct a Jeba Veedu recently eventhough it was in our minds long back, “for we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). Many people discouraged us to submit plans for construction as Jeba Veedu. Even the village authorities suggested us to submit a plan for the construction of a House and use it as a Church. But on a prompting from God we submitted a proposal to construct a Jeba Veedu (A name given by God) and also a house nearby. The house is to accommodate a Missionary family. By God’s abundant Grace, the village authorities approved our proposal in full on 5th of September. Without knowing the forthcoming miracle, we had booked our Train tickets by the last week of August to be there on 12th september. It was a big surprise to have received the approval on 5th September. We hurridly requested a family in Tuticorin to come to Devanallur with a few believers to pray and start the construction work. But to our surprise, they had come with 10 pastors belonging to various denominations on 12 th September we stood on the site and prayed and started the construction work.

The construction work goes on a lightning speed and by His Grace we hope to finish by the end of December 2011. A baptistry also will be put up soon on the north side of Jeba Veedu.

We are planning to have worship service every Sunday morning and the missionary family will be ministering the church. The Jeba Veedu will be open for prayer groups, churches to have camps, retreats, fasting prayers. We are also planning to have several Prayer umbrellas in this campus where a small group of people can come on any day, sit together, pray, sing songs, worship, meditate word of God and Glorify God.

We are also planning to have Fasting and Prayer once a month, and to start with once in three months, and invitation will be extended to all the churches and Prayer Fellowships in and around Tirunelveli and Tuticorin, to come in groups to participate in these Prayer meetings. Probably vans or busses could be arranged.

Jeba Veedu is surrounded by several hills hillocks and mountains and it reminds us of Psalms 125:2 “ As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about His people from henceforth even forever.”

We are praying and planning for the dedication on Dec 27, 2011. Please pray for all the efforts and plan to participate.

Jeba Veedu has become functional

A missionary Family Bro Boaz and his family stay in Bethel in Jeba Veedu campus and meet families every day in and around Devanallur. They have covered 10 villages in less than a month since dedication.

They prayed with them and a few of the villagers grouped in a house and worshiped.

They have distributed handouts and meeting and worship notices to the villagers and requested them to attend the special meetings and the church services if they are not going to any church.This base work by the missionary Family is yielding results by the Abundant Grace of God.

From the day of Dedication the church is open every day morning from 7am and kept open and the missionary family praying in the church for an hour and the rest of the time till 10am they play songs and the reading of bible thru amplifier and the DVD player provided in Jeba Veedu. The ground work done thru these days are yielding fruits.

We had conducted retreats on second saturdays and sunday Healing meetings on all months since dedication and the response is very good and several people had requested us to conduct Tarrying meetings, 3 day convention meetings, Baptism service. During these two day meetings on all months as of today several people were blessed comitted for baptism and a few delivered from bondage.

All the Glory goes to God!

Please pray for this ministry and support for this outreach.