Wed April 24, 2019

Our Ministry - Vision


  • To take the good news to all.

  • To bring people from darkness to the marvelous light.

  • To bring the chosen to receive salvation with eternal glory (2Tim 2:10).

  • To bring the chosen and to lead them for anointing of Holy Spirit, that they should know His will, see the Just One and hear the voice of His Mouth (Acts 22:14).

  • To teach, rightly dividing the word of truth.

  • To make people love reading and meditating the word of God,

  • To bring healing for the broken hearts in their body, mind and soul.

  • To bring unity among broken homes.

  • To make people believe in Miracles and supernatural encounters with God.

  • To conduct crusades, church conventions, Retreats for youth and Families, Anointing Sessions, Fasting Prayers, Healing Services, House worships and house gospel meetings.

  • To pray for individual needs for those who come personally, through letters, phones and e-Mails.

  • To get the Gospel reached to all people through Bibles and messages in audio format.

  • To create house worships.

  • To plant churches in villages where there is no church.